Friday, 16 November 2007

More On the Law Blog's Facebook Foray

Earlier this month we posted on the legal privacy issues raised by Facebook's new "Facebook Ads" strategy, in which it will attach names and photos of Facebook users to ads for products they like... [link]

MySpace redesign to match Facebook feature for feature

Why does Facebook seem to have more momentum now than MySpace? Some might tell you it's Facebook's vastly superior user interface. Oh, and that the site actually works most of the time. While they... [ link]

The world is changing... Facebook style

My CTO just received word of a bug that had been found by an important customer of ours and resolved earlier today...via Facebook. Another business partner looked up my profile (in Facebook) to figure out how best to interact with me in... [link]

Facebook's brilliant but evil design

If I was on the Facebook design team, I would be proud of this design. It is some of the best social design out there. But if that were the case, if I was on the design team, all of these design decisions would have happened over a long... [link]